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What is MES?

This is the Manufacturing Execution System that continuously manages and monitors the entire process from material warehousing to production and product release, and manages manufacturing-based production.
  • Standard information management
  • Production plan management
  • Quality control
  • Product warehouse management
  • Production Tracking and History Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Report
  • System interface

Functional composition

Standard information management

  • Common code
  • Standard information registration
  • Bad code information
  • Common code
  • Non-operation code information
  • Process equipment registration

Materials information management

  • Materials receipt registration
  • Materials release registration
  • Materials location management
  • Incoming material inquiry
  • Details of materials release

Production management

  • Work order information registration
  • Actual output against work order
  • Production performance management
  • Production performance management
  • Defect record inquiry
  • Actual against plan inquiry
  • Non-operation inquiry
  • Production aggregate by period

Delivery management

  • Delivery record registration
  • Delivery details inquiry

Start-middle-end management

  • Inspection item registration
  • Inspection item registration
  • Results registration

Tooling management

  • Tooling master management
  • Tooling repair history
  • Tooling inspection history

Inventory management

  • Inventory status by label
  • Inventory audit management
  • Inventory status by item number
  • Incoming/outgoing inquiry by month

System management

  • User group and user registration
  • Program information registration
  • User group rights information registration
  • User rights information registration


  • Production performance monitoring
  • Process status monitoring

System Screen

Standard management
Facility management
Tooling management
Quality control
Production performance
Weight measurement
Performance status monitoring
Monitoring of monthly performance to plan